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Time for a Change…

As many of you will know we have now been in business for almost 15 years! Where has that time gone? Over this time the business has gone from strength to strength, starting on my own in the spare bedroom of our house in East Goscote, to our office in Syston, and finally to our beautiful office in Rearsby. Over these years we have had staff come and go, many of who we are still in touch with, and now have a great team at the office. We have gone from handwritten schedules and workings, from rooms full of files and invoices to a paperless, predominantly online business who use the latest technology to snap receipts, maintain client books and easily help clients manage their businesses based on real time information from anywhere. This meant that we continued to trade as normal throughout the pandemic by using the best systems available.

Throughout this time we have been Adam Longley Accountants, a name picked at the very beginning when it was just me, Adam, and purely on the basis of “its who I am and what I do”. However as the business has grown and changed and is much more than just a one-man accountant, and we wanted to give the business a new, fresh look in line with what we do now. And so, from 1st October 2021, Adam Longley Accountants Limited will be…


We are really excited by this change. The new name will help us embrace what we already do – helping clients throughout every stage of their business, or Lyfe Cycle, whatever stage they may be at. It will also help us showcase the team at the office and not just highlight me. As we use technology more and more, our clients are coming from further afield and we hope the new branding will help attract clients wherever they are located helped by the use of Xero, Zoom and such like. Obviously, we will always be here in Rearsby too for those clients who still like face-to-face meetings and to drop off paperwork in person.

From an existing client point of view, nothing will change. We remain the same company, the bank details are the same and the phone numbers will not change. From 1st October we will use our new email addresses, however the old website and email addresses will redirect to the new addresses so we will not miss any communication (it may take us a little longer to remember to change the voicemail messages!).

We are really excited to share these changes with you. Thank you for your continued support and here’s to the next 15 years!


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